ms. Adkins

amazed me, most of times...

if you see her on the stage,
she might be standing or sitting, 
she don't move so much
she might be don't dance,
or using some colorful and glowing outfit
she might be use a simple dark dress
she might be make her hair perfectly,
or if she didn't, she's still shining
she might be isn't slim,
she might be enjoying her life
she might be smoking,
she might be did some wrong things..

but you have to wait until she started to sing,
she let her soul fly with her voice,
her lyrics never go wrong
gesture, emotion, her voice was controlled well
the best. still the best. always the best.

you have to watch until the music has stopped
look upon her face
she get her soul back
and smiling,
thank to people, several times.
a down to earth person.
really really, amazed me

you amazed me almost a year,
ms. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
i love you <3


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