happiness makes you strong

Happiness makes you strong

I can’t help myself from writing.

Some say that, happiness makes you strong. I hardly believe that until i attended an inspiring class called “studium generale” in my campus. It was just like a seminar, you had a pro speaker as your lecture. So the speaker (i forgot her name but she’s a pro in mood or emotion researches) convinced that “emotion is chemical. It is science”. She can prove what she said about how happiness can make your body strong. How sadness can drag you to a certain kind of sickness and ill. Can you believe that?

Whenever you had doubt about it, trust me. Your body can’t lie. Whenever you feel happy, you can feel the energy’s kicking in and it’s not impossible to stay healthy and high-spirited. At least it happens for me. I feel strong. I feel like i dont even need my supplements though i think i live with it and get addicted to it (because yes it is really easy for me to get sick and need a long time to be recovered. I choose to stick with my vitamins and foods to stay alive). I feel like i’m not as weak as yesterday. I feel i still can have so many activities ahead even i already did a full day. I feel complete. I believe that i can do anything. I feel happy. It makes me strong.

Well-proved. Really well-proved.

So, for the things (and everybody. And him) that makes me happy, thanks. Thank you so much. I’m coming alive. Let’s go and find happiness in life. Don’t let anything bring you down. If health is number one, let happiness be the number zero. That’s all. Really want to write a lot but...have things to do. But yes, i can’t help myself from writing my feelings! That desire bothers me. Sorry for any inconvenience and don’t forget to have a great night.

welcoming the strongest version of you!

P.s : please remind me to re-design this page as soon as possible. I'm..sick...of it...huhu

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