7 Days Experiencing Lonesome

I've never been so alone before
In this crowded town,
I've never been this unaccompanied.
I can't imagine how it feels like drowning in the sea or get lost in the woods for months
Seven days wont sounds so long.
But it's more than enough to understand what's lonesome is all about

Lonesome makes you think
Think about what makes you happy,
makes you angry,
what you truly love,
Lonesome force you to believe in your thoughts
Because nothing can be heard except yourself
Everything is upon you
What you want to wear, what you want to eat,
Will you put your raincoat when it's raining
Which new food you would like to taste. Which new place you would like to visit.
Or will you ride your bike or just walked it all away
Can you imagine making such a lot of decisions?


 People would stare at you
Sometimes become more polite, dont know what they're attempting to
You may forget your bill and somebody you never know laugh at you quitely
You may hear some people whispering, wondering what are you doing and why are you so fucked up
While you feel that you're totally fine
Books, gadgets, and your thoughts
will be your only friend
when you're tired to enjoy your surroundings
They dont talk but they tell you a lot
They show you how to escape without running away
In the end. The last page has read. The recent updates has refreshed,
and you have no idea what to do next.
You can go home.
Have a sleep. That's all for today.
Thank yourself.
And have a deep sleep and welcoming your lonesome in the next day.

Yogyakarta, 26 July 2016
To people that haven't recognised themselves. Go outside and hear what yourself is trying to tell. Highly recommended.


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