About Me

hello, let me introduce myself

My name is Faroh Nur Alfani, with nickname(s) Fani or Faroh. I was born in Dumai (a small town in Riau), June 24 1997. 

Unfortunately I write this blog in Bahasa, and sometimes English. You can find me sharing mostly my thoughts about everything inside my head. Thoughts, life stories, feelings (yup, I'm one of a kind), projects, e.t.c. (You can use the labels to find the article you want.) You can say that everything upon my life is here, my blog. because..blogging is life! :)

For now (2018), I just graduated from Gadjah Mada University, in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Department, Information Technology Major

and years ago I was studying in SMAN 8 Pekanbaru.

You can find me in person in Jakarta. But if you can't, here are my contacts person to help you :

email : farohnuralfani@gmail.com
Fb : Faroh Nur Alfani
Twitter : @farohalfani
Instagram : farohalfani

I have so many interests. I don't know, I just cant help myself to learn something new. First, I love writing. I write almost everything. But what I really love is to write poetries. To read my poetries and other literature project you can check my other blog called :


Second, I love singing. I'm not really sure I have a wonderful magical voice, but it's worth to listen I promise :'>

My Soundcloud Account

Third, I love graphic design. Actually, I have a portfolio page but..it's not updated anymore so I can't show you. I mastered Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator (a little bit). You can always ask for my help on designing something by contacting me :)

Fourth, I (used) to love editing videos. I'm still loving it, but...lately I dont have projects within. but you can still watch my old videos :))

My Youtube Account

Fifth, I love to be socialized with people. So, please don't hesitate to have a chit-chat with me.

Okay, that's all about me. Thanks for reading :)

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