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whew,yesterday at second day of july I got more than A HUNDRED VISITORS in this blog. thanks! I love you all,who loves my story :hug
why do I use this kind of language? my english ability is still in the middle of standard line,so from now I start to raise up my ability on that. actually,after a lot of blogwalking,sometimes I get lost on a blog that used english language. yaaa,kinda bit understand the point of their stories,but my eyes still don't accepted all of that "foreign language" I feel like I'm the dumb one. krrrrh..
soooo for the first time I try to use this language. just..get usual of it cause I'm still learning :p

I will tell you much things abouut..
my playlist.

yaaa,like another teenagers,I can't live without music. maybe in a day at least there's five or more songs that I have to heard. without a song for a day,my live would be empty. right? nyaahahaha actually it's a little bit fun writing on english. may I try this for some several times? muahahahahaha.

I have 299 songs on my handphone,thank god You create this thing that called "memory card". my last handphone just has 10MB on itself and that was killed me! 10 MB? that is not enough,at least for 5 songs. so thankfully,my mom bought me another handphone sooo I prefer this one that has hmm... I dont' really sure.. maybe 2GB or more. that's we call ENOUGH :p

so now,here's my updated playlist! some of them are recommended hihi enjoy ^^

1. alice in wonderland - avril lavigne
2. animal - neon trees (recommended)
3. anyone else but you - the moldy peaches (really really recommended)
4. anyone else but you - michael chera ft. ellen page
5. back to december - taylor swift
6. big girls don't cry - fergie  
7. born this way - lady gaga
8. born this way - glee cast
9. california king bed - rihanna (really really recommended)
10. catch me - demi lovato (recommended) 

11. crushcrushcrush - paramore
12. different summers - demi lovato
13. enchanted - owl city
14. enchanted - taylor swift (recommended)
15. everybody knew - citra scholastika
16. E.T - katy perry
17. for the first time - the script
18. friday - rebecca black
19. fuckin' perfect - pink
20. heart skips a beat - lenka
21. hey there,delilah - plain white ts (recommended)
23. I do - colbie caillat
24. I feel pretty/unpretty - glee cast
25. I love you - avril lavigne
26. I love the way you lie - rihanna ft. eminem
27. I need a doctor - dr. dre ft. eminem
28. I wanna hold your hand - glee cast (recommended)
29. introducing me - nick jonas
30. ingatlah - monita tahalea 
31 .last friday night (T.G.I.F) - katy perry (recommended)
32. like a g6 - far east movement ft. the cataracs & dev
33. mean - taylor swift
34. move along - all american reject
35. move on - bruno mars (recommended)
36. na na na na - my chemical romance
37. nothing lasts forever - maroon5
38. S & M - Rihanna (recommended)
39. smile - avril lavigne
40. someone like you - adele (really really recommended)
42. take it off - kesha
43. teenage dream - katy perry
44. white horse - taylor swift (recommended)
45. your surrender - neon trees (recommended)

okaaay,and all of these songs just look like a music chart :p yaaa it's a kinda bit like the music chart of my heart for this time hahaha. if you interested,go to 4shared or to download it! or..just ask for me to send it for you. hihihi byeee ^^


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